The WISE-Foundation
Our Mission: To improve people's lives by providing the knowledge and means by which they can become more independent and self sufficient.
Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

Womens Center:  This is a vocational training school for 400 women in Rishikesh and currently offers free classes in computers, sewing, tailoring, English and fashion design.  Bella Patel inaugurated this center on September 15, 2008.



September 15, 2008 - Bella Y. Patel at the Swagatam (welcome) ceremony at the inauguration of
 the Women's vocational training center in Rishikesh.  



  The Women's Center in Rishikesh provides vocational training in computers, English, sewing and fashion designing to 400 women.


The students at the school receive instruction on how to design and make clothing. Here we see a class starting and the students gathered with some of the items of clothing they have made in class.

In appreciation, a student from the Women's Center vocational school presented Bella Patel with a gift of clothing she had made while at the school.  




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