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Our Mission: To improve people's lives by providing the knowledge and means by which they can become more independent and self sufficient.
Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

(Honduras First Delivery):  The WISE Foundation working with the University of Florida and the Honduran Society of Anesthesiology has purchased a number of Pulse Oximeters for use in Honduran hospitals.  November of 2012 saw the first delivery of Oximeters and the first effort to train Honduran anesthesiologists on these devices through an ongoing technology exchange program.  The information found below comes from an ongoing blog about the project. 
While it may be a long way between UF at Gainesville and Honduras, the distance between quality surgical care was shortened a little with the first set of instructional seminars for Honduran Anesthesiologists in the use of Pules Oximeters.  The UF team also delivered the first set of Oximeters to Honduran doctors during the instructional seminars / workshops.

In many Honduran Hospitals basic medical equipment is a major problem. In some cases there is simply not enough and it other cases the equipment is out of date or a tangle of devices that are not compatible.


The UF team worked directly with the University of Honduras and the Honduran Ministry of Health  to plan for the smooth import of 135 Spanish language pulse oximeters (Lifebox oximeters are available with an interface in English, French or Spanish); the WISE-Foundation, run by Bella and Yogesh Patel, stepped in to help with fundraising; Rafael Nin, father of anesthesiology resident Dr Olga Nin, offered his business expertise to help establish an efficient self sustaining organization.


Although this effort  has come a long way, more effort is needed and there will be another 8 trips in the future to assure that this technology permeates the Honduran surgical environment.
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