The WISE-Foundation
Our Mission: To improve people's lives by providing the knowledge and means by which they can become more independent and self sufficient.
Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

(Honduras):  The WISE Foundation working with the University of Florida and the Honduran Society of Anesthesiology has purchased a number of Pulse Oximeters for use in Honduran hospitals.  Honduran anesthesiologists will be trained on these devices by staff from the University of Florida through an ongoing technology exchange program.  
The following pictures are from the teams trip to Honduras on July 4, 2012 where they were attempting to work out the logistics of the pilot program with the Honduran first Lady and the Honduran Society of Anesthesiology.

 The team Mrs Bella Patel (WISE Foundation), Dr. SP, Dr. Kiki Nin (UF), and Mr. Rafi Nin 
arriving in Tegucigalpa on July 4, 2012.

   Honduran Rotary Club Dr. SP, Dr. Kiki Nin, Mr. Rafi Nin, Mrs. Bella Patel 

Resident Call Room (Dr. Kiki Nin and Mrs. Bella Patel) 

           Skype with Lifebox (Sarah Kessler and Sophie Reshwalla) to organize delivery of Lifeboxes 

Mr. Neptaly Rodriguez (lawyer for Unversidad National) with Dr. Kiki Nin. Coordinating paperwork and protocol for receiving Lifeboxes 

Mr. Rafi Nin, Dr. Kiki Nin, Mrs. Bella Patel at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras 

Dra. Carolina Haylock Loor, Dr.SP, Mrs. Bella Patel, Dr. Kiki Nin, Mr. Rafi Nin 

Dr. SP, Mrs. Lobo, Dr. Kiki Nin 

Dr. SP, Dr. Bendanya (Honduras Minister of Health), Dra. Carolina Haylock Loor (SHARD), Dr. Kiki Nin, Mrs. Bella Patel, First Lady Mrs. Lobo, Mr. Rafi Nin 

UF and SHARD Delegation arriving to meet Mrs. Lobo Left to Right: Mrs. Bella Patel, Dra. Carolina Haylock Loor, Mr. Rafi Nin, Dr. Kiki Nin, Dr. SP
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