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Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

Gujarat Project 2012:  

Report of Activities undertaken under Farm-bunding Project

during third year (Dec-2011 to June2012)

During the third year of our project, 783 women from 14 villages have constructed 3190 bunds, protecting 891 farms. The total quantity of the work done was 55,434 Cubic Meters. Details of the work by village is as follows:

No. Village Name Families Farms Bunds Constructed  Cubic Meters 
1 Chokimali 85 96 265 6,809
2 Piplod 66 70 202 3,646
3 Vedchha 89 108 334 6,891
4 Arethi 118 148 550 8,997
5 Mathasar 177 191 942 11,674
6 Pankhala (vagh) 50 51 211 4,601
7 Mohbi 56 64 144 4,042
8 Gumina 27 28 73 2,018
9 Pankhula (Shi) 18 23 76 1,473
10 Vandri 65 69 310 3,506
11 Bal 20 31 52 1,076
12 Dabka 6 6 17 208
13 Andu 6 6 14 493
14 Pada /
  Total 783 891 3,190 55,434

This compared well with our initial expectation that about 1000 women from these villages would construct 60,000 cubic meters of bunds. The most heartening feature of this work is that most of these bunds have been constructed by women only, as during this period most of the men (especially young men) from these villages had migrated to cities and other villages in search of work, which was necessitated because of the bad monsoon season last year. Given this situation, the amount of work done by the women was really commendable.

The quality of work done was also very good. This can be seen from the photos we attached with this report. In most cases, the women have concentrated on bringing all the farms of an area under protection and have thus brought about a positive change in the characteristics of the whole area. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the area in terms of soil and moisture conservation, which will lead to increased soil productivity.


The amount required to be paid to these women for the construction of these bunds is about Rs. 1,385,850 (55,434 * Rs. 25). Until last year, we were paying at the rate of Rs. 20 per cubic meter. The government rate for this work has also been increased to Rs. 75 per cubic meter and other NGOs are paying at the rate of 60 per cubic meter. Our payment rate is one-third of the government and less than half the rate paid by other NGOs. We can do this because of, limited funding by these other groups and the tremendous desire of the women in this area for this work.  

Administrative expenses are approximately 5.5%, (Rs. 80,000) and include honoraria to the workers for carrying out measurement and other verification tasks.

Thus the total Cost for this work is about Rs. 1,465,850/-.

Future work

While most of the families and farms are already covered under this program, many are still left our. More women from these and a few other villages, not yet covered are willing to undertake this work. The bund work can start after December, once the agricultural work is over. We feel that continuing this project for one more year (Jan. to June 2013) would go a long way in bringing almost all the women and farms under this work. We shall, in coming months, try to estimate the amount of work which still needs to be done in this regard and submit the proposal for the fourth and final year.



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