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Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

Gujarat Project 2010:  

The first phase of this year’s work –farm-bunding and check dam – has been completed

and all workers have been paid. The project started off very well with more than 500
women forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) at the start of the project. After receiving
payment for the farm-bunding and check dam work, the women put some of their wages
into a SHG bank account. Later the SHGs would begin providing loans to the members to
support farming efforts.

Payments to the women through checks worked out very well and we are all very grateful to you for suggesting it. The next phase of the Farmbunding and check-dam work will start in November 2010. The details of the work performed and the payments to each village is as follows:

      1. Farm-bunding:

Sr. No. Name of Village No. of women No of Farms covered  No. of Bunds Total Cubic Meter (Cum.)  Total  Amount  Paid  Rs. 
1 Andu 80 94 333 74,89 149,780
2 Gumina 47 57 212 4,172 83,440
3 Singalgabhan 40 39 109 1,331 26,620
4 Sankli 99 108 448 8,594 171,880
5 Vaghumar 86 86 271 4,791 95,820
6 Dabka 156 185 621 9,594 191,880
Total 508 569 1,994 35,971 719,420

      2. Check dam:
Sr. No. Name of Village Total Cubic Meter (Cum.) No. of persons who worked   Total person days of work Rate paid  per day Total Amount Paid Rs. 
1 Sankli 635 96 747 Rs. 60 44,820

As you can see from these images, the countryside is steep and there has been considerable erosion of the topsoil.


The picture on the left shows the initial construction of an earthen and stone wall designed to contain water runoff by tiering the farmers fields.  The picture on the right shows a completed wall.    

Dr Anil Patel and Bella Patel inspecting the progress of the earthen dam project in Dariapada, December 2009.

Village Tribal women during the construction phase of the check dams.  The local farmers have partnered with the Patels by donating half of the overall labor to transporting materials (stones and earth) to the check dams.

The first crop of sesame seeds after the completion of a pilot check dam.

Tribal women listening intently as Bella Patel explains that they will manage the income generated by the crops as United Nations studies indicate that households managed by women are less likely to experience poverty.

Dr Anil Patel, Yogesh and Bella Patel and Truptiben fielding questions from the villagers.


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