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Our Mission: To improve people's lives by providing the knowledge and means by which they can become more independent and self sufficient.
Yogesh M. & Bella Y. Patel

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The WISE Foundation is an outgrowth of Yogesh M. and Bella Y. Patel Foundation, a non-profit organization incorporated in Florida, United States in 2005. The major goal of WISE is to educate and enable underprivileged young people to become financially independent and self-sufficient. 

All of the funds raised by the Wise-Foundation are spent in pursuit of the educational (classrooms, teachers, books, computers) and physical needs (housing, meals, medical vaccinations) of the young people.  To date all administrative costs have been borne by volunteers of the WISE Foundation.  

The projects currently supported and in progress are as follows:

  • LifeBox: Funded in conjunction with the University of Florida Department of Anesthesiologyapproximately 135 pulse-oximeters will be distributed to some of the 77,000 surgical operating rooms through out the world that do not have this equipment. It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that the pulse-oximeter  together with use of the Surgical Check listcould reduce surgical related deaths by 50%.

    • Honduras: The 135 oximeters purchased above were formally presented to the First Lady of Honduras in April 2012. The Wise Foundation together with the University of Florida's Department of Anesthesiology hope to establish a pilot program in Honduras that will be a blueprint for similar projects in the rest of South America. The program will provide both equipment and training for Honduran personnel through the use of visiting Doctors and medical students from the University of Florida's Department of Anesthesiology
      • Pilot Program -- The start: July 4, 2012: A team consisting of Doctors from the University of Florida and members of the WISE Foundation traveled to Honduras to meet with the Honduran First Lady and work out the logistics and actual start date of the Pilot Program. The University of Florida and the WISE foundation is also working closely with the Honduran Society of Anesthesiology to assure the orderly and effective implementation of this pilot program. The following is a photo album of their Trip.
      • First Deliveries: In November of 2012, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, a team with expertise ranging from anesthesia, to radiology, to surgery, to engineering delivered an instructional seminar to a packed workshop (including oximeters) of anesthesia providers across Honduras.
  • Action Research in Community Health (ARCH):  November 2006 to present -- the WISE Foundation has been funding improvements in Maternal and Child Health Care in the rural tribal areas of south Gujarat through the ARCH organization.  ARCH is a private organization that has been providing health care and health education in the rural "adivasi" area of Eastern Gujarat in India.
  • Gujarat, India: Initiated funding of a 5 year project grants to provide seeds, fertilizer and other supplies to up to 400 tribal villages.  These grants should enable poor families to farm the rocky and barren lands adjacent to their villages. The grant stipulates that all women in the household obtain at least a 6th grade education and that any grant funds be placed in a bank account opened and controlled by a women of the households. (   
  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program:   September 2008 -- the WISE Foundation is funding the acquisition of medical equipment to assess high risk pregnancies and other health issues. 
  • Municipal School:  September 2008 -- the WISE Foundation has been funding a municipal free school #4 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and plans to adopt several more schools every year.
  • Rural Schools:  In 2011, the WISE foundation supported 10 rural schools through the Ekal Vidyalaya foundation which is a non profit service organization dedicated to education and village development in rural India. This Foundation currently operates in over 36,000 Villages and supports the education of over 1 million Indian children. 
  • Water Purification:  Enable local communities not having potable water to manufacture water purification filters that will remove 98 percent of the bacteria from contaminated water, making it safe to drink. 
  • Women's Center:  On going -- Developing plans for four additional vocational centers. 






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